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When the legal lifeline in the form of restructuring is not enough, your company may be forced to carry out the bankruptcy proceedings. The word “forced” is very fitting here, since in case of insolvency, submitting a petition for bankruptcy is an obligation of the company’s management board or the sole proprietor. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that bankruptcy is not the end. Sometimes, to move on, it is vital to settle and finish certain chapters.

Under bankruptcy proceedings of entrepreneurs we offer legal services for a debtor, creditor, investors acquiring the assets of the bankruptcy and temporary court supervisors, as well as administrative receivers and liquidators.
How can we help you?
Legal services for a debtor
  1.    We carry out legal, organisational and financial analyses of Your company, including investigating insolvency conditions and the obligation to submit a petition for bankruptcy;
  2.    We advise in cases of management board members’ liability for the company’s obligations and grant legal assistance in counteracting such liabilities;
  3.    We prepare petitions for bankruptcy, including pre-pack applications, which make it possible to quickly sell the assets to a specific purchaser;
  4.    We help in the case of your counterparty submitting a petition for bankruptcy of your company;
  5.    We represent you in bankruptcy court;
  6.    We assist in contacts with a temporary court supervisor, liquidator, court and creditors;
  7.    We prepare all procedural documentation;
  8.    We lodge appeals against unfavourable court decisions;
  9.    We undertake supervision over the valuation and sale of assets by the liquidator.
Legal services for a creditor
  1.    We prepare a petition for bankruptcy of an insolvent debtor;
  2.    We represent you before the debtor, court, temporary court supervisor and liquidator;
  3.    We prepare a lodgement of claims;
  4.    We prepare an objection, if your liability is not recognised by the liquidator or is recognised in lower amount;
  5.    We represent you at creditors council meetings;
  6.    We prepare pleas to draft terms of division;
  7.    We undertake supervision over the process of liquidation of assets by the liquidator.
Sławomir Reszka
Magdalena Biedrzycka

If you are not a self-employed worker (so-called consumer) or if you have stopped running a business activity in the last year and you have gone in debt, then consumer bankruptcy is a solution for you.

How can we help you?
  1.    We analyse your legal and financial situation to see if there are grounds for declaring consumer bankruptcy;
  2.    We prepare the application and help you to collect all necessary appendices;
  3.    We represent you in front of bankruptcy court, liquidator and creditors;
  4.    We monitor the bankruptcy proceedings in order to make sure it runs smoothly;
  5.    We prepare a request for a repayment plan or for a debt write-off without a repayment plan;
  6.    We guide you through each stage of repayment plan execution up to the decision of the debt write-off.
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