Business entity services
Anita Żołyniak-Piętka
Magdalena Biedrzycka
Business entity services

Running a business activity is, to a large extent, day-to-day administration that requires a constant contact with law.

In this area we offer:
  1.    advising on choosing the legal form of activity;
  2.    corporate law services including:
    • a. drafting resolutions and protocols,
    • b. shareholders’ meetings, general shareholders’ meetings,
    • c. conversions and mergers of companies,
    • d. liquidation of companies,
    • e. registering changes in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register;
  3.    providing legal advice and consultation before making important decisions;
  4.    participation in commercial negotiations and tender services;
  5.    drafting economic agreements, submissions and requests;
  6.    analysis of legal documentation;
  7.    assistance in securing claims and their recovery;
  8.    real estate transactions services;
  9.    conducting economic mediations;
  10.    representation of the company in common courts and offices, especially:
    • a. in proceedings regarding management board members’ liability to creditors (art. 299 of the code, Art. 21 BR, Art. 116 TC),
    • b. in proceedings regarding declaring a ban on conducting business activity (art. 373 BR),
    • c. in criminal proceedings (art. 586 of the code, art. art. 300-302 PC);
  11.    conducting proceedings before public authorities, administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.
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Business entity services