Daniel Dębecki
Magdalena Biedrzycka

The restructuring process can be described as a legal lifeline when your business activity is in trouble.

Restructuring law foresees four types of proceedings:
  • proceedings for the approval of the arrangement;
  • express arrangement proceedings;
  • arrangement proceedings;
  • recovery proceedings.

Choosing the appropriate type is contingent upon a few variables, such as the number of creditors at issue or the level of protection against bankruptcy proceedings.

Under restructuring proceedings we offer legal advice for debtors, creditors or restructuring advisors.
How can we help you?
  1.    We carry out legal, organisational and financial analyses of your company and help you choose the most optimal scenario for restructuring;
  2.    We prepare applications to the court and propose reasonable arrangements;
  3.    We prepare all procedural documentation;
  4.    We assist in optimisation of company assets by separation and sale of redundant assets and leaving profitable assets;
  5.    We represent you throughout the restructuring proceedings, starting from submitting the application and finishing with reaching an arrangement with the creditors and its execution;
  6.    We conduct negotiations with creditors on your behalf;
  7.    We submit applications necessary to secure the company’s assets against bankruptcy proceedings.
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